Automatic updater to v2.0.0


  1. Download the latest Comet jar and a start file (.bat for Windows or .sh for Linux/MacOS) from here

  2. Place the files in a folder with the files you want to update (config.yml, vouchers.yml and limits.yml) or to convert

  3. Open the start file and add the following flags at the end of the command, depending on what you want to do:

    1. To update: --action update

    2. To convert: --action convert --plugin <plugin>

  4. Save the file and execute it (double-click on Windows/MacOs or ./ on Linux)

Notes for conversion

For Vouchers by BadBones, add Config.yml

For EpicVouchers by Songoda, rename its vouchers.yml file to EpicVouchers.yml


-h, --help Display the help menu -a,--action <action> Available actions: convert, update -p,--plugin <plugin> Available plugins for conversion: badbones, songoda

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