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Since this version brings many changes in terms of configuration, I've made a small program that will convert your files (config.yml, limits.yml and vouchers.yml) to the new format, including strings that use the legacy format (&) to MiniMessage.



Every string and message supports MiniMessage. Legacy strings (including & color codes) were deprecated for a long time, and is better to move one to a more modern system. With MiniMessage, you can add everything you want to any message: click events, hover, hex & gradient (1.14.4+).

Voucher Settings

Bind to receiver

Make the voucher usable only by the player who received it

  enabled: true
  message: '<red>You can not use this voucher, it belongs to {player}!</red>'


Put the voucher on a cooldown after each usage (e.g. allow them to use the voucher once a day)

  enabled: true
  cooldown: 1d
  message: '<red>You can use this voucher again in {left}</red>'

Limit for bulk open

Limit how many vouchers can be opened at a time.

  enabled: true
  limit: 5

Regex for 'regions' and 'worlds'

Since some servers might have different regions / worlds that follow a format, it is much easier to use a RegEx expression than to list all of them. These options can be combined with normal strings. Examples:

  • regex:player_world_.+ - match all worlds that start with player_world_

  • regex:mine-\w+ - match all regions that start with mine-

    - spawn
    - regex:player_world_.+
    message: '<red>This voucher can only be used at spawn or on a player world.<red>'


Allow or disallow players to use vouchers based on the region they are standing on. This function require WorldGuard 6.x.x or 7.x.x.

    list: [boss-spawn-region]
    # This message will be sent to players that attempt to redee the voucher
    # but they are not standing inside 'boss-spawn-region'
    message: '<red>The boss can not be spawned here!</red>'

World blacklist

Previously it was only possible to whitelist certain worlds, now you can also blacklist them.

    list: [world_nether]
    message: '<red>You can not use the voucher in world {world}</red>'

Message types

By default, all voucher related messages are sent in chat, but you can specify the type of each of them individually by adding a prefix before the actual message.

  • ACTION_BAR;<message>

  • CHAT;<message>

  • TITLE;<title>[n]<subtitle


Play a sound when the voucher is received / redeemed, when it is on cooldown, when the limit was reached, etc. More info can be found here.


Go beyond available customization options for voucher items with NBT tags.


Bulk actions

A separated list of actions used when the player redeem multiple vouchers at once, use %amount% for actions to access the amount of vouchers used. If your actions don't fit this system (e.g. you use a command that must be executed n times) leave this list empty and the plugin will execute the actions n times (n = amount of vouchers).

  - '[addmoney] 5000'
  # We multiply 5000 by %amount% to calculate the new amount of money that
  # will be given, depending on how many vouchers the player has redeem
  - '[addmoney] math:{5000 * %amount%}'

More skull texture options

The texture was moved to its own setting, texture, and now you can use: player names, Head Database IDs or texture. Info about how to use each of them can be found here.

texture: BASE64;eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvZGNlYjE3MDhkNTQwNGVmMzI2MTAzZTdiNjA1NTljOTE3OGYzZGNlNzI5MDA3YWM5YTBiNDk4YmRlYmU0NjEwNyJ9fX0=
texture: HDB;21899
texture: PLAYER;MHF_Chest

Usages command

Previously, it was impossible to edit or view the usages of a voucher in-game. Now, you can use the /av usages command to do so.

  • /av usages [voucher] check (player) - Check the usages of a voucher

  • /av usages [voucher] modify [value] (player) - Modify the usages of a voucher

  • /av usages [voucher] set [value] (player) - Set the usages of a voucher



Find out what Materials / Sounds / Enchantments (and many more) are available for your game version without having to check an external source. The files containing this data can be found in /plugins/ArcaneVouchers/.RESOURCES/


  • display_name was renamed to name

  • Usages are now stored on a SQLite database instead of a simple, YAML file

  • [actionbar] was replaced by [message] with ACTION_BAR type (see)

  • [broadcast] and [permissionbroadcast] were replaced by [message] with broadcast property

  • The volume and pitch for [sound] are now properties instead of action arguments

  • Skull texture was moved to its own setting called texture

  • The format for arguments was changed from {args[n]} to %args[n]%

  • ---


  • [json] - MiniMessage is a better replacement

  • [centermessage] and [centerbroadcast] - the system used wasn't working if the player had a different chat width so I decided to remove them, the functionality can still be achieved with a plugin like RawMsg

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